09 – God’s Politics (part 1)

On this, the day of the first 2012 Presidential Debate, please enjoy the first in a series of talks about politics!  The extensive quotes are taken from the following outside blog post of Peter Enns (and please excuse my occasional paraphrasing, as I didn’t have time to get into the meaning of ‘eschatology’).  The images referenced will be included below.  My apologies for randomly choosing MSNBC to be my backdrop (but hey, if that ruffles your feathers, let’s let that be a way to discuss our feelings toward the major news networks, their responsibilities as reporters, and their potential biases, shall we?).  I truly hope you enjoy coming along with me on this journey!


One thought on “09 – God’s Politics (part 1)

  1. Politicians who speak in absolutes, especially those running for the executive branch of government, make a plethora of promises…but they seem to forget that they will not be making the laws so when they encounter the reality of their position after election, they often fall short of making good on their promises. I have read some article by Ing, but I am not sure if it was the one you referred to in your blog…but I am looking forward to installment 2.

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